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Press Release Package India,We can get your contents in front of Indian reporters that work for newspapers, TV, radio, and other media. Our organization is the pioneer in the Indian market for press release distribution. Reporters can get in touch with sources directly. Your article will probably be seen by Indian reporters, bloggers, and portals.

Many firms have improved their public relations campaigns and improved their marketing strategies thanks to our assistance. Given that we have been published more often than anyone else, we are a skilled press release distribution service. We also have a great deal of experience creating captivating Press release package India for journalists.

Press release package India that are written, emailed, and posted online

Press releases are an essential tool for every organization starting a sustainable development path and hoping to reach a large audience to announce their products and activities. Publicizing press releases via various media platforms and websites can have a lot of positive effects, such enhancing one’s reputation in the neighborhood, attracting new clients, and moving up the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Press releases can be of many different types, such as event, announcement, change-related, post-release, product, corporate, and company news. All you need to do to get your press release published in national, local, and trade publications and garner media attention is select the most appropriate distribution method.

Covering the event for print and digital media

Press release, news article, or announcement distribution depends on the media, which includes more than 10,000 current media contacts. This is why you will be featured in the most prestigious Indian media channels. You can have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to present oneself to a large audience for the pitiful sum of INR 4,999.


If your organization specializes in a certain area (such IT, business, tourism, culture, etc.), we can also recommend media partners for content delivery who provide services associated with your sector. What sets us apart from other businesses that offer press release distribution services is our competitive advantage. One step in this Press release package India is answering questions from media organizations. The content that is supplied should not be interpreted as advertisements in any kind.